Who am i ?.......


I'm Orli .A  Designer , An Artist ,  A Dreamer , A Wife , A Woman , A Mother , A Creator……..

I graduated from Schenkar High Institute for Technology & Fashion and opened my so called Label in 2003 , this , after several years of creating and designing collections for a number of houses of fashion in Israel.

My label was born in Tel Aviv , in my first studio , at the entrance of the lovely & romantic neighborhood of “Neve Tzedek”

My love for Esthetics & Beauty is been brought to fact in my well thought and precise renewable collections , that are elegant and full of inspiration , which I get from all around me , from my daily routine , situations I experienced , countries I visited , trends that influenced me and also love and nostalgic memories of old and classic designs of the garment from all around the history . And of cource my true love and admire to the designers that influenced me.

The collections I create always evolve around an idea or a story that needs to be told and to be passed on , and the different items can be combined as matching and fulfilling each other , or when combined with other standard items they usually flatter and embrace the total requested look and most of the time , even improve it…..

I create 4 collections every season.

The collection contains dresses, blouses, skirts, tops, pants, jackets, tunics and many costumed designed accessories to come along.

The fabric I use is mostly soft , I often use materials made of cotton, viscose, polyamide, shiphon, crepe, ext. and the designs are usually comfortable and sophisticated, yet remain clean and elegant.